[SAFE] Sunlight Activated Formulated Extract

Yes we can prevent Malaria!

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Innovation Development

This project introduces a new modality that combines both the effectiveness and efficiency of old methods of malaria vector control with the highest levels of human safety and environment-friendliness.


Sunlight Activated Formulated Extract is a new ecologically-safe technology designed to control malaria. SAFE as a sunlight-activated photolarvicide that control the larvae of Anopheles, Aedes and Culex. The control of malaria plasmodium transfer vector is the key point of malaria management and prevention of the re-infection cycle.


Diseases such as malaria, Rift valley fever, dengue fever and lymphatic filariasis cause not only health problems, but also economic hardship for people and countries. Larval control through source reduction and routine application of larvicides is a key…

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