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PCT NO. : PCT NO.: PCT/EG2008/000019


This invention introduces an innovative modality for malaria vector control that combines both effectiveness and efficiency with the highest levels of human safety and environmental friendliness. The novelty of this patent lies in developing a new ecologically safe technology using a natural plant extract (photoactive porphyrine derivative) and mosquito larvae attractant (autolized yeast) as Sunlight- Active Formulated Extract (SAFE) against the three different species of mosquito larvae (Anopheles, Aedes and Culex). In this context, the accumulated photoactive compound (photosensitizer) in the larvae body induces, upon sunlight exposure, an oxidation stress that results in organism death. The obtained results revealed that SAFE is highly effective as it ensures 100% mortality of mosquitoes larvae. The effectiveness of SAFE accumulation in the larvae bodies was qualitatively and quantitatively investigated using the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) technique.

PCT NO. : PCT/EG2007/000002


The invention concerns a new antiviral combination against HCV and HBV of synthetic amino acid drug with antifibrinolytic action and two types of antibodies. The mechanism results from the effects of the antibodies which enhance the immune system and neutralize the mechanism of the virus against the human immune system while the amino acid plays the main role by stopping the direct effects of the virus on fibrinogen components.

3- Magnetite nanoparticles as a single dose treatment for iron deficiency anemia
PCT NO. : PCT/ EG2008/000036


In this patent, we introduce magnetite nanoparticles coated with vitamin C as a new modality for treatment of Iron deficiency Anemia (IDA). Animal trials studies reveal that a single dose of Magnetite nanoparticles capped with Vitamin C is sufficient to cure IDA either administrated Intra- Peritoneal (IP) or oral. Within only 10 days, administration of a single dose increases the Hemoglobin concentration (Hb) from 7 g/dL to 14 g/dL and RBCs counts from 3.2×106/mm3 up till 6.5×106/mm3. Moreover, the hematological studies of the bone-marrow gives strong evidence that the used magnetite nanoparticles capped with Vitamin C stimulate erythropoiesis, where the myeloid-erythroid ratio (M/E) decreases from 1.3 till 0.3, without any apparent toxicity and it does not affect haemostasis. This is conclusive prove of the high efficiency of magnetite nanoparticles capped with Vitamin C as a new drug for treatment of IDA.

4- Entrapment of Oils and Immobilization of Proteins using Novel Matrices
PCT NO. : PCT/EG2012/000024


This patent involves production to two novel carriers based on safe and natural blend of grafted biopolymers for encapsulation of enzymes and polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), which are enriched in vegetables and fish oils. Encapsulation of PUFA will protect 90% of the oils from being hydrolyzed in the gastric system in human or by the rumen in the animals. Thus, the body could benefit from these useful oils that it cannot produce them itself and they are important to regulate a wide range of function including blood pressure, blood clotting, blood lipid levels (cholesterol) and the immune response. In addition, increasing the proportion of PUFA in milk of buffalos and cows may be beneficial on reproductive performance.
On the other hand, the novel blend of grafted biopolymers immobilized industrial enzymes such as lipases, glucose oxidase, penicillin acylase, and others and it showed a synergistic effect in terms of enzyme’s loading capacity.

5- Novel Carriers based on Agriculture Wastes for Immobilization of Biomolecules
PCT NO. : PCT/EG2012/000023


This patent involves treatment of agriculture waste, sawdust, which represents a major environmental problem worldwide. Sawdust presents a hazard in manufacturing industries, especially in terms of its flammability as well as they may collect in piles and add harmful leachates into local water systems, creating an environmental hazard. The sawdust was treated to immobilize covalently proteins and especially enzymes. The presence of the new functionality has been proved by ATR-FTIR .The degree of treatment could be easily controlled. Four industrial enzymes, invertase, phytase, glucose oxidase and lipase, were successfully immobilized. The immobilized enzyme and for example invertase was used for 14 cycles with retention of 100% of its relative activity. The treated sawdust could solve an environmental problem, as well as producing an excellent solution for production of cheap carriers. The estimated lab cost price of the treated sawdust was approximately $ 1 per 10g compared to the commercially available matrices such as Eupergit®CM, which retails at approximately $ 128 per 10g from Sigma-Aldrich in 2011.

  • In brief, the newly treated sawdust has the main following advantages:
  • Natural polymer & friendly to the environment
  • Highly hydrophilic
  • Low-cost price compared to any commercial carriers.
  • Containing active groups for covalent immobilization of proteins
  • Solve environmental problem

The immobilized enzymes could be reused for tens of times, which will reduce the cost of the enzymes and their products.

7- SAFE Plus:

This enhanced product offers all the advantages of SAFE and more. In addition to being effective in sunlight, it is also effective indoors and in dark areas, thanks to its dual mechanism of action, while maintaining the same safety and target selectivity levels. Patent application number 2018081321, in the Egyptian academy of scientific research and technology

8- AgriSAFE:

completely safe for humans and non-target organisms. It can be used to eradicate the Locust problem by spraying on locust infested fields. Patent number 29047 in the Egyptian academy of scientific research and technology.y

8- Agrivit:

Upcoming innovative natural formulation to enhance the growth and increase production of agricultural crops and trees. It is also composed of only natural ingredients that are completely safe to use on crops and fruit.

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