Malaria Vector Control Program (M.V.C.P)
(M.V.C.P) is considered the first program of its kind all over the world fighting malaria using environment- friendly materials.
As malaria is considered to be the most fatal disease in Africa the company’s program is the reduction of the disease’s incidence by 90%.
This project introduces a new modality that combines both the effectiveness and efficiency of old methods of malaria vector control with the highest levels of human safety and environment-friendliness.
The new method is designed to control malaria by using natural compounds – Sun Light Activated Formulated Extract (SAFE) – as environmental friendly photo sensitizers, with sunlight to control the larvae of (Anopheles, Aedes and Culex). The control of malaria plasmodium transfer vector is the key point of malaria control and prevention of re-infection cycle.
The novelty of this program is the use a new ecologically safe technology using a natural plant extract as a sunlight –activated photo- larvicide against the three different species of mosquito larvae (Anopheles, Aedes and Culex).
program Objectives
This program is very important as a community service program , in which it help communities in reducing incidence of malaria occurrence, and also aims to terminate malaria within several years through this method in both African and Asian continents and to achieve the overall goal of attainment of a good standard of health by all the people in Africa and to promote a healthy and productive life. The company is very keen to start this program in all African countries   
Expected Benefits
Elimination of malaria vector in all infected Countries.
Protection of the treated areas from re-infestation through surrounding regions.
Expectations of no new malarial infected cases in the selected region integration of using this modality in the surrounding areas.
Future prospective:
Implementation of this program as national program in All African , Asia and America Countries to be the most efficient method for Malaria vector control (outdoor technique) in order to reduce Malaria burden significantly in all infected countries .
Vector Control Program (V.C.P)
Diseases such as malaria, Rift valley fever, dengue fever and lymphatic filariasis cause not only health problems, but also economic hardship for people and countries. Larval control through source reduction and routine application of larvicides is a key intervention in eradicating such diseases in many parts of the world, and the emergence of new programs and entities to support research and control efforts have led to increased interest in better controlling and possibly eventually eradicating these diseases.
The company focuses on projects that serve the community by eradicating infectious disease, one of its main projects is the Vector Control Program (V.C.P) using advanced technique and novel formula (Sun Light Activated Formulated Extract- SAFETM).
(V.C.P) is fighting mosquitoes using environment-friendly materials.
This program introduces a method to control mosquitoes by using natural compounds – Sun Light Activated Formulated Extract (SAFE) – as environment-friendly photosensitizers with sunlight to control the larvae of (Anopheles, Aedes and Culex). The control mosquito larvae are the key point of mosquito control and prevention of re-infection cycle by cutting the breeding cycle of the mosquito.
Adult mosquito control will be done through light traps that will be located in all infected areas, and also will be used to monitor reduction of the adult mosquito counts.

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