About Us / History

InRaD Corporation is an international enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, applied sciences and high-tech materials. As an innovation company, it sets trends in research-intensive areas. Our products and services are designed to benefit people and improve the quality of life. At the same time, we aim to create value through innovation, growth, and community service.

InRaD Corporation exploits patriot approaches towards offering a bundle of solutions to an interrelated complex set of challenges. Our main is to offer short term as well as long term sustainable solutions to Middle-East and African challenges through basic and applied science which can provide both community services and develop new technologies which can be used to improve life standards of these communities.

InRaD Corporation promotes novel technologies, quality improvement, cost reductions, efficient energies and access in community development through highlighting the role of innovation and technology through atmosphere of collaboration.

InRaD Corporation plays a key role in manpower resource development through training, workshops, and technology transfer.

InRaD Corporation offers a unique group of services that include health, education, environment, innovation and research. The landscape in which R&D can be implemented today has changed significantly in the last decade.

InRaD Corporation has a network of well-developed laboratories carrying out research on target sectors of along with field laboratories, which serve as testing ground for new technologies and help in technology transfer.

InRaD Corporation is providing modules to predict the emergence of relevant problems. These modules include tools and scenarios for regional and global prevention, early warning, and surveillance. These advanced tools could have a significant impact on the regional decision making and policy development. National and international agencies would benefit immensely from their utilization.

Goals & Objectives

  • Study, evaluate and disseminate assessments of technology-enabled innovations that deliver improvements in community lifestyle, offer cost-effective solutions in low-income societies, and can be deployed on a large scale to drive real change
  • Promote the research and evaluation of technology-enabled interventions with the greatest promise for improvement both regionally and internationally
  • Foster organizational framework within stakeholders so that every party may help each other in all possible cooperation fields
  • Identify and inform community and policy makers about emerging trends in innovations and technologies
  • Encourage the scientists and academics doing research and assist them as and when possible
  • Promote best practices and strategies for successful technology diffusion
  • Develop evidence base for adoption on basis of social and financial impact
  • Encourage creation of public awareness on development issues


InRaD Corporation defines common values, goals and strategies for the entire Group. The three subgroups and three service companies operate independently, led by the Egyptian Headquarters.

Core Values

  • Be passionate for people and performance
  • Create value for all our stakeholders
  • Comply with laws, regulations and good business practices
  • Care about people, safety and the environment
  • Seek out opportunities and take calculated risks

InRaD Group

  • InRaD Healthcare InRaDHealthcare is among the Middle East leading innovators in the field of specialized pharmaceutical and medical products. This subgroup’s mission is to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative products that improve the health of people throughout the world.
    InRaDHealthcare provides greater attention and support to health promotion, disease prevention and empowerment of individuals and communities for a more active role in health management
  • InRaD Vector Control InRaD Vector Control is specialized in effective management of vectors imposing risks and diseases to the economy, environment, and human health. Vector Borne Diseases is a global problem, reducing its burden requires global solutions.
    Effective vector management is a process, not a one-time event. Our patented approach is a collaborative, ongoing cycle of three critical activities that provide customized, science-based solutions to help vector control.
  • InRaD Life Sciences InRaD Life Sciences is specialized in highly effective products, pioneering innovations and keen customer focus, holds leadership positions in community to overcome serious diseases and health problems.

Strategic Directions

Within this framework a number of activities are to be implemented, some of which to be carried out in collaboration with national, regional and international partners:

Intersectoral Collaboration Intersectoral collaboration is crucial to this effort and should be further strengthened, as there is no significant intersectoral body responsible for coordinating vector control activities on both the country and region levels.

Development of human resources To address the need for increased technical resources, a pool of experts and trained personnel will be identified and trained in different specialties.

Establishment and improvement of laboratory diagnostic facilities Laboratory diagnostic facilities in target fields will be established in four different regional centers.

Strengthening of Early Warning Reporting and Surveillance System Through assessment and evaluation based on real-time data; Development of new approaches for strengthening the system in cooperation with potential stakeholders.

Strengthening of Contemporary Activities Through addressing needs of projects, efficiency assessment, and further strengthen their infrastructure.

Data Collection and Analysis of New Information Development of a comprehensive database which includes qualitative and quantitative data and maps for the distribution of these diseases.

Operations Research To complement data collection, conduct operations research to identify strategic approaches for designing and conducting several intervention approaches for improved procedures.

Community-based Interventions & Mobilization Collaboration with stakeholders on community-based interventions. These interventions, focusing on behavior change, will be pilot-tested in several locations. Among other community-based activities is the Train of Trainers programs (TOT) for volunteers.

Understanding the Local Population Rural and suburban population in target areas due to low socio economic situation, unsuitable climatic condition and scattered distribution result in low income, malnutrition, and illiteracy; make them vulnerable towards many socio-economic challenges.

Cross-border Collaboration and Networking Cross-border activities will be an important component of the project, and cross-border collaborative activities will be initiated. In this context we pay great attention to inter-country cross-border workshops, and regional discussions. Regional network is to be established including Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda in phase-I.

Community Sensitization Awareness activities and training courses will be delivered to highly selected groups including policy makers, key opinion leaders in working areas, target communities leaders, educational bodies, in addition to other stakeholders as per need.

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