R & D

  • InRaD Healthcare is among the Middle East leading innovators in the field of specialized pharmaceutical and medical products. This subgroup’s mission is to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative products that improve the health of people throughout the world.
  • InRaD Healthcare provides greater attention and support to health promotion, disease prevention and empowerment of individuals and communities for a more active role in health management.
  • InRaD Vector Control is specialized in effective management of vectors imposing risks and diseases to the economy, environment, and human health. Vector Borne Diseases is a global problem, reducing its burden requires global solutions.
  • Effective vector management is a process, not a one-time event. Our patented approach is a collaborative, ongoing cycle of three critical activities that provide customized, science-based solutions to help vector control.
  • InRaD Life Sciences is specialized in highly effective products, pioneering innovations and keen customer focus, holds leadership positions in community to overcome serious diseases and health problems.
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