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Vector control Program (VCP)
This program is designed to control mosquito borne diseases by using natural compounds of SAFE® as sunlight–active photolarvicide, the process relies solely on the use of sunlight to control the larvae of Anopheles, Aedes and Culex. The control of disease transfer vector is the key point of mosquito borne disease management and prevention of the re-infection cycle.

Capacity building and Malaria Awareness program
Our comprehensive package is designed for malaria endemic communities and aim to:
Capacity building of the locals in the selected areas to conduct larviciding
Creating Awareness campaigns to educate about Malaria disease transmission, protection and treatment. Promote Malaria control program implementation. Increase community acceptance of environmentally friendly vector control techniques.

Data Management & Reporting System for vector control projects in Malaria endemic countries.
Ecological surveys for mosquito larvae breeding sites in mosquito borne diseases endemic countries.

Train community health officials on other environmentally friendly larval source management techniques (LSM).
Build a local team of technical personnel for the application of environmentally safe vector control methods.

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