What is SAFE?
SAFE® is an abbreviation of Sunlight Activate Formulated Extract. The first Natural Larvicide that employes an advanced technique in mosquito borne diseases control. Effectively killing Mosquito Larvae and Completely Safe for Humans.

How does it work?
The active ingredients are chlorophyll derivatives. Chlorophyll is an FDA approved food additive and is completely safe for humans. It can be activated by light to produce singlet oxygen which is considered as a toxic species for Mosquito Larvae. SAFE is a target selective formula. It is used only for mosquito larvae without any effect on the other non-target organisms in the same breeding site. The photosensitizers (Chlorophyll derivatives) used in this formula are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How is SAFE Applied?
SAFE is a dustable powder that can be applied to temporary and permanent breeding sites which support mosquito larval development. Such sites include swamps, marshes, ponds, spring water, water harvest and irrigation area(FDA).

How effective is it?
SAFE induces all larval stages mortality for up to 21 days after application

Advantages of SAFE
• SAFE is a natural product extracted from green plants.
• SAFE is used in very low concentrations (ppm)
• SAFE is easily applied in the field of an aquatic environment
• SAFE is highly effective as it ensures 85-100% mortality rate of the mosquito larvae without affecting the surrounding environment.
• SAFE is target selective formula. It is used only for mosquito larvae without any effect on the other non-targets in same breeding sitn

The innovation behind SAFE
The implication of this technique is the outcome of an intensive research program started since 1996 in Egypt and now it is applied in different countries as environmentally friendly technology. This technique and its products are patented in different countries.

SAFE Registration

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