SAFE (Sunlight Activated Formulated Extract)
SAFE is a natural extract, all of active ingredients are extracted from plant origin.
SAFE is a novel formula used for a novel technique in controlling the vector borne diseases(V.B.D) as malaria, Rift valley fever and dengue fever . This formula has enough characteristics to be used at any type of breeding sites of mosquitoes. We are using our own strategy to apply this technique to be succeeded wherever and whenever we need it.
The novelty of this invention is to develop a new ecologically safe technology using a natural plant extract as sunlight –activated photo- pesticides against the three different species of mosquito larvae (Anopheles , Aedes and Culex).
The photoactive plant extract (SAFE) accumulates within the larvae body and upon exposure to sunlight induces an oxidation stress photochemical energy transfer reaction leading to organism death.
The used plant extract (SAFE) is documented for use by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical use in photodynamic therapy.
The implication of this technique and used material (SAFE) is the outcome of an intensive research program started since 1996 in, Egypt and ended with a field trail in Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and other African countries through cooperation with these authorities.
The obtained results from this program have given us 100% success rate in termination of mosquito larvae of different species.
Our novel technique solves this difficult equation; it can control the malaria vector (mosquito larvae) with highest maintenance of water quality and environmental impact. Using a formula of FDA approved components is the most desired form of unusual photo-pesticide.
Control of the Diseases parasite in the vector is the key point of disease control and prevention of re-infection cycle. InRaD Corporation is the exclusive provider of the material and Technique Implementer for mosquito control.
International Recognition for SAFE:
FDA approval, all the active ingredients can be used as food additive.
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved that the used material has high safety profile as it can be used also as inert material for Pesticides.

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