InRad cooperate with highly qualified scientists and professors,aims to improve people lives through new cost effective, environment friendly inventions Our inventors:

  • Challenge assumptions.
  • Are open minded to new possibilities.
  • Observe things deeply, look beyond the obvious.
  • Look at things in a different way, using all senses.
  • Experiment every small idea.
  • Use idea-generating techniques and problem-solving approaches.
  • Are absorbed by their passion to solve problems.
  • Commit to ideas, even if it takes great resources of energy and time.
  • See efforts through to a conclusion or product that may improve people’s lives.

A group of inventors work as a team:

Working as a group of scientists is a plus in several ways. Others may instantly see different solutions, add expertise from a different perspective, offer different technical know-how, or take the original idea in a different direction that improves it or makes it more widely applicable.

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